Hey everyone! I started a thread off with theses images in the 'Your unverses' section but I figured is shoudl start a general gallery as well here is the first installment in the previously mentioned universe .

The Astonishing X-Men

EDIT--Thanks for the advice Jay, still finding my way here.

All made from stuff at Wickt Harley's and Ze Ball Breaker Micro-Heros Site.

Thank You all!!! You are all very kind around here!

heh, i'm getting so much love for this avy I'm starting to have second thoughts about it being temporary. lol.

Here's my latest from the MARVELous Future universe:

Thank you guys!!! Strider I'd just like to say I love your avatar!!!

Here is my latest in the: 'My MARVELous Future' Series: The Avengers!

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